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Rapido F40PH2D w/DCC and SND HO VIA Rail

Rapido F40PH2D w/DCC and SND HO VIA Rail


  • $324.99

n 2010 VIA Rail Canada contracted CAD Railway Industries in Lachine, Quebec, to rebuild its F40 locomotive fleet. This involved removal of the HEP (Head End Power) alternator and installation of a separate HEP generator in the rear of the locomotive. At the same time the locomotive was given VIA’s green, grey and yellow Renaissance paint scheme first seen on the P42DC locomotives in 2001. By the end of 2012 all 52 F40PH-2D locomotives had been rebuilt.

Rapido's Rebuilt F40PH-2D features:


– All of the amazing detail found on our original F40PH-2D release
– Accurate HEP generator details, including radiator fans, rads and cabling visible through the grilles
– All-new body with different spotting details
– Operating ditch lights and emergency light
– Accurate sounds recorded from a rebuilt F40PH-2D
– Emergency horn and two types of VIA E-Bell recordings
– Ten different locomotive numbers

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