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HP007 7 Transmitter with Receiver


Hobby Porter

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The Hobby Porter HP007 7 Channel transmitter is packed with innovations and features not normally found on Pistol type radios. Starting with a huge 7 channels of control, built in 4WS Rock Crawler programmability, a Gyro equipped receiver as standard for Smart Vehicle Control mode (SVC), 15 Model memory, ABS, Dual Rates, EPA, EXP adjustability, a Cruise control mode, built in 2 & 3 cell battery checker, built-in temperature monitor with included prob and a built in LED flash light this is the swiss army knife of radios for cars and boats.

Modern styling and ergonomic grip compliment the light and comfortable feeling of the HP007 for hours of use along with an easy to read black lit display the HP007 is the perfect radio for beginners and experience users alike.

The HP007-R receiver has a built-in adjustable Gyro that can be programmed and turned on and off from the transmitter along with a host of other programming options the HP007 can be customized to suit your model and driving style.


  • 7 Channels
  • Rock Crawler steering functions
  • Water resistant
  • Includes Gyro equipped Receiver for SVC Mode (Smart Vehicle Control)
  • 15 Model Memory
  • ABS Braking control
  • Dual Rates / Channel Travel (EPA) / Channel Curve (EXP)
  • CCS Mode (Cruise Control System)
  • Built-in 2s/3s Lipo checker
  • Built-in Temperature monitor (Temperature Probe included)
  • Built-in LED Flash light function
  • Stop Watch Timer 

Transmitter HP-007 TX
Suitable model: vehicle / boat
Channel number: 7CH
Frequency range: 2405-2478GHZ
Transmit Power: <20dBm
Modulation Mode: GFSK
Channel delay: < 20ms/10ms
Low-voltage alarm: When voltage lower to 4.4v for AA battery; or lower to 7.2v of two cell Lipo batteries.
Antenna length: 200mm
Display: NTN LED
Ground distance: 120m
Working current: 50/AA
Channel data: Neutral: 1500us / Range: 800-2200us
Dimensions: 170x197x101.5mm
Weight: 300g


HP007 Manual

Receiver (HP-007R)
Channel number: 7CH
Frequency range: 2405-2478GHZ
Receiver sensitivity: -92dBm
Gyroscope sensitivity: 0-15
Modulation Mode: GFSK
Input power: 4.0-8.4V DC
Weight: 15g
Dimensions: 36x26x14mm
Certificate: CE FCC ROHS

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