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DYS Mini 20 Amp BL Heli ESC

DYS Mini 20 Amp BL Heli ESC

  • $21.99


  • BL20A ESC
  • Input voltage: 2-4s Lipo
  • Signal Frequency: 20-500Hz
  • Outout PWM Frequency: 18KHz
  • Come with BLHeli: Yes
  • Application: Compatible with SimonK and BLHeli
  • Size (LxWxH): 23x12x4.5mm
  • Weight: 7.6g (with wire)


  • Specially designed for Multi-copters, fast throttle response;
  • Throttle signal is twisted pair cable, reduces crosstalk  
  • The maximum refresh frequency up to 500Hz throttle signal, compatible with all flight controls;
  • Uses ultra-low resistance MOSFET
  • Miniature design, SN16/20A with high performance capacitor fliter on the board, weight reduced to 2g, for small aircrafts.