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DHC-2 Beaver Select Scale EP Tx-R 59.5"

DHC-2 Beaver Select Scale EP Tx-R 59.5"


  • $309.99

It was one of the most utilitarian aircraft ever produced, and Flyzone has brought back the deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver as a Select Scale model that'll have you exploring the great outdoors in just minutes. The Tx-R lets you fly with your favorite radio – yours. In homage to the true versatility of the original aircraft, the model comes with the option to install fixed wheel landing gear for land or floats for water takeoffs and landings. Experience the love pilots have for the DHC-2 today. Already own a transmitter that's set up just the way you like? Use it to fly your favorite Flyzone planes! That's the simplicity and value of Tx-R. As long as your transmitter is compatible with AnyLink™ – nearly all brands, bands and modulations are – it will fly this model. Another Tx-R advantage: the included components are installed and expertly matched to the model for optimum performance – no guessing what motor, battery or servos will work best!

  • Construction: AeroCell foam with pre-applied decals and tinted plastic windows at canopy areaParis Junction Hobbies
  • Wing: One-piece design with functional struts and ailerons and flaps with drop hinges
  • Motor: 41-19-850 outrunner brushless
  • Receiver: Tactic 2.4GHz SLT
  • Servos: Five micro
  • ESC: 40A
  • Landing Gear: Bent alum with 2.5" foam wheels, steerable tail wheel also includes floats for water takeoffs and landings and rudders on floats for better handling
  • Propeller: 12x6
  • Spinner: Chrome finish plastic 2" (51mm) diameter
  • Lights: Navigation and landing lights
Needed to Complete
  • 5+ channel transmitter
  • 11.1V 1800mAh 15C LiPo battery
  • AC/DC balancing charger
  • Building and field equipment

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