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RE1 Flight Controller



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Unlike any other flight controller, RE1's innovative design combines an OSD, a faster processor and the highest performance sensors all in one small package. Both Betaflight & dRonin are fully supported on RE1, allowing you to use your firmware of choice.


Processor: STM32F446RET6, Coretx-M4, 32bit, 180MHz, 128kB RAM, 512kB Flash.
IMU: Bosch Sensortec BMI160 running at 1.6kHz (dRonin) or 3.2kHz (Betaflight), connected using SPI.
OSD: Full-graphic, PAL/NTSC auto detect, adjustable black and white levels. 4 fully customizable pages (dRonin only) and a menu. Support for side-by-side 3D when used with a 3D FPV camera (e.g. NerdCam3D Mk.2).
Flash memory: 128Mbit (16MB) high-speed SPI flash memory with up to 0.5MB/s write/erase speeds.
PWM Outputs: 4 to 8 (8 if 2 serial ports are configured as PWM outputs) with normal PWM and OneShot (OneShot125, OneShot42, MultiShot) support.
Receiver Support: PPM, S.Bus (inverter built-in), DSM, HoTT. Selectable 5V or 3.3V supply for receiver. Receiver is powered from USB for easy and safe setup. 
Telemetry Support: FrSKY Smart Port, FrSKY Sensor Hub, HoTT Telemetry, UAV Talk, Light Telemetry. Built-in inverter for FrSKY telemetry.

Serial Ports: Up to 4 serial ports (including receiver input) when 4 PWM outputs are used (3 ports with 6 outputs, 2 ports with 8 outputs). Note: Betaflight only supports the 3 serial port / 6 PWM output option.  
 Dedicated hardware to control up to 1024 WS2812B RGB LEDs via SPI (up to 32 LEDs in Betaflight). The LED port uses 5V logic for direct compatibility with WS2812B LEDs.
IR Emitter: Dedicated hardware for infrared based lap timing with multi-protocol support (I-Lap, Trackmate). 
Buzzer Port: Dedicated port for 5V (100mA max) buzzers (DC and 4kHz buzzers supported).
Analog Inputs: 3 analog inputs (3.3V max.) for voltage, current, rssi sensing.
Extension Port: Hirose DF40 connector with SPI, I2C, serial interfaces, power and GPIO signals.
Power: 4.5V to 5.5V, 150mA.
Dimensions: 36mm x 36mm, 30.5mm hole spacing.
Weight: 8 grams.

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