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3x4x3 V2 - Propeller (Set of 4) - SALE

3x4x3 V2 - Propeller (Set of 4) - SALE



  • $2.99

FPV Drone Racing and Freestyle flying require high-quality propellers that ensure optimal thrust, efficiency and top-end speed to allow pilots to consistently perform at their best.

This is the new Version 2 of the popular Lumenier propellers. This new version has greatly improved the durability of the propeller by using a crash resistant polycarbonate material. This allows the propellers to resist breaking in a crash or prop strike. Now you can clip a gate or a tree branch and keep flying! The new V2 series also feature semi-transparent colors for a cool look.

Lumenier V2 props are made of ultra durable polycarbonate material.


  • 4x 3x4 3-Blade Propellers, 2x CW and 2x CCW

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