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A quick update for the MultiRotor crowd!

Posted by Chris Henwood on

A few weeks ago we mentioned over a few different posts on social media that we had acquired a large amount of MultiRotor and FPV Related equipment. We also posted a blog entry about our first ever Armattan order. On top of those orders, we also partnered up with a great FPV VTX manufacturer to bring you some extremely high power, low priced VTX modules for MultiRotors.

Without further ado. Lets welcome AKK Tech to Paris Junction Hobbies.

AKK has been able to provide high quality, high power, low cost VTX's. Some of these VTX's are switchable up to a whopping 1200mw. Check out a couple of the links below for more details.

AKK FX2-Ultimate VTX
AKK X2 VTX with Smart Audio
AKK Infinite DVR VTX


The site has been updated with the Armattan, and AKK product, along with a number of other new product including quad Batteries from Bonka and Rebel MiniQuads, Cameras from Foxeer, Immersion RC VTXs, Saturn MultiRotor Frames and more. More will be added over the coming days and weeks.


We also have a new area in the store to better display multirotor and FPV related products and would love to see you in the store.

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