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Trail King Pro Scale Chassis - Builders Kit



  • $499.99

The SSD Trail King Pro Scale Chassis Builders Kit was developed to offer discriminating scale builders a more effective weapon for their arsenal. The Trail King offers a level of scale realism that has never been available in a box stock kit - until now. By combining their proven, high performance option parts with an array of unique parts that are only found in the Trail King, SSD has raised the bar and created a kit that can be effectively utilized by scale enthusiasts and performance oriented crawlers alike.

Scale Engine & Transmission Assembly   
The SSD Trail King includes a first of its kind multi-piece molded plastic V8 engine that is complimented by a scale transmission and transfer case assembly. The scale engine houses a forward mounted motor and each component is meticulously modeled as close to the 1:1 parts as possible. The engine is made up of 14 individual pieces, and with a little creativity can be detailed and modified even further. Plus, the transmission holds the motor extremely low in the chassis, providing a lower CG and increased performance when compared to motor forward configurations from other brands. 

Offset Pro44 Front Axle   
By using their proven Pro44 axle parts, and combining them with a unique offset axle tube configuration, SSD has designed a scale axle housing that is durable and lightweight. The axle tubes are one piece, so they eliminate the link mounts and associated hardware that shows in the front of the axle - creating an incredibly realistic looking, lightweight axle housing. The axle is finished off with machined aluminum c-hubs and knuckles, 6 bolt locker/ring gear assembly, and hardened steel offset universal joint axles that allow up to 50° of steering throw!

Hardened Steel & Titanium 
The Trail King is a true premium level builders kit. With high quality precision machined parts throughout, the kit is guaranteed to impress even the most demanding builders. From hardened steel machined gears and driveshafts, to the titanium links and SSD Pro Scale 90mm shocks, this kit is fully equipped out of the box. With no need to throw a bunch of upgrade parts at the truck, you can focus on choosing the body, wheels and tires you want - and build a truly unique, high performance scale truck.


Scale chassis layout

Steel C channel frame rails

Scale transmission with aluminum motor mount

All machined steel gears

V8 engine motor cover

Chassis mounted servo

Scale axle design

Machined aluminum C hubs

Machined aluminum knuckles (SSD00144)

Hardened steel universal joint axle shafts

Machined hardened steel lockers with 6 bolts

Machined hardened steel axle gears with 6 bolts

Machined aluminum chassis panhard mount

All titanium links

Machined hardened steel scale driveshafts

Machined aluminum bumper mounts

Machined aluminum wheel hexes

Machined aluminum shocks (SSD00297)

Scale fuel cell receiver box

305 - 324 wheelbase (with optional links)

Fits SCX10 II compatible bumpers

Fits SCX10 II compatible bodies


Wheelbase:   313mm

Transmisison Ratio:   11.8:1

Axle Ratio:   3.75:1

Final Drive Ratio:   44.2:1

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