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Powerup LiPo Charge Protection Bags

Powerup LiPo Charge Protection Bags



  • $4.99


With the increased use of Lipo batteries in our hobby there has been an increase number of cases of house fires resulting in loss of property and injuries. Don't become a statistic, for a very small investment you can protect your belongings, property and loved ones with a Powerup Hobby Charging and Storage bag.

Never leave batteries unattended when charging, never charge batteries on or near combustible materials such as wood, fabric, paper or plastics etc.

Available in 2 sizes
30x21cm size Suitable for large packs such as 5000mah 6s or more or several small packs
20x18cm size Great size for Smaller models and quads, convienient size, easy to store.
Strong Velcro seal

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